Monday, February 10, 2014

Skin health from the inside out: take your vitamins!

I wanted this first post to be about taking care of your skin internally because that is definitely the foundation to great skin! It is also a question that I got last week from one of my darling friends wondering what they should take to take good care of their skin and body daily. Now I'm not talking about those little flintstone's vitamins we all took as kids (I would pick out only the red ones to eat) but the real deal stuff! Here's a list of things I recommend and also take myself (I buy my personal vitamin stash at Trader Joe's) :)

*Daily Multivitamin: If you're gonna take only one vitamin make sure it's a multi! You're gonna get your A through Zinc which are all important for daily body and skin functions. Some important ones you wanna look for in your multi:

B3 (niacin/niacinamide)- Helps to strengthen the barrier of the skin so it can protect itself
Zinc- Helps to reduce inflammation
A, C, E- Help with anti-aging and fighting free radicals

Vitamins A, C and E are also essential in topical application of the skin, you can read more about them here:

*Evening primose oil: Helps with eczema and acne since it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help people suffering from hair loss. Can also be a good way to moisturize from the inside.

*Omega 3 fatty acids: Also an anti-inflammatory, not only helps with acne but also helps people suffering from psoriasis and rosacea.

Another more obvious thing to do to maintain skin health is eating as healthy and clean as possible. Add as much color into your diet to get as many nutrients as possible in a natural way. Fruits and vegetables are THEE way to go and you'll definitely notice a difference in your skin when you start incorporating more into your diet! Every morning I eat my oatmeal with fresh organic berries and I snack on fruits like pineapple, mango and bananas to keep me full in between meals :)

Water is VITAL to the skin and is its primary makeup, so drink half your weight in water everyday if you can! Spruce it up with some fruits like berries, citrus fruits and watermelon to give it some flavor. You can even incorporate cucumber and mint to change it up :) Drinking herbal tea is another way to up your water intake. I drink Yogi Tea Skin Detox** on a regular to maintain glowing skin and i recommend it to all my friends and clients and they love it! I sweeten it with a teaspoonful of Nature's Way Coconut Oil** which is so good for so many things such as regulating blood-sugar levels, controlling cholesterol and kill infections and viruses. I also love to use this coconut oil in my hair, on my face and on my body to hydrate and moisturize  :)

I hope this post was useful to you guys! If you have any questions about this post or want to know about other vitamins and minerals, leave a comment below!

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